MadBeetle 1.0

Help Madbeetle find his way out of the cave


  • Good graphics
  • Amusing music and effects
  • Natural learining curve


  • A little slow


If you've got a long bus or train journey ahead of you and want something to relieve the boredom then you could do a lot worse than installing MadBeetle on your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Smartphone.

This fun game sees you take the role of Madbeetle, an ugly, angry little creature who's stupidly managed to get himself stuck inside an underground cave (no wonder he's so upset). In order to navigate your way out of this labyrinth you'll need to avoid monsters, solve puzzles and jump over various obstacles.

MadBeetle proves to be quite a fun adventure with a smooth learning curve. It starts off at a gentle pace giving you time to learn how to set off bombs, open doors and avoid obstacles. The game is controlled using the number keys on your phone, or if you have a Pocket PC you can take advantage of the touchscreen controls. There's a lot to remember but you'll soon get used to it.

In terms of its presentation, MadBeetle is quite impressive, with small but well-drawn cartoon characters and an amusing soundtrack. The only slight qualm I had was that I felt the animation was a little slow.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for an engrossing adventure game to get you through a long trip, MadBeetle is good fun.

Help Madbeetle find his way out of the underground cave system without falling victim to the many traps. The game features include, 16 bit sounds, ambient music, fully configurable keys, save and resume any time, optional touch screen control for the Pocket PC and supports all resolutions.

The game starts out not too hard, but gets pretty tough. Every five coloured containers picked up adds an extra live, upto a maximum of five. If you loose all your lives you start over on the level you where on with 1 life.

Along the way you'll find bombs which have been left by accident by the crinoid's, collect these and use them wisely. You need to sometimes use them to kill a impassable crinoid's, and other times you'll need them to blow your way through broken but impassable blocks, but be sure to runaway when putting one of these down or you'll get blown up too.



MadBeetle 1.0

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